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Friday, March 4

Old Syrian coins

From left to right vertically:
2 Piastres and half 1940.
2 Piastres and half 1948.
5 Piastres 1948.
10 Piastres 1948.
25 Piastres 1947.
50Piastres 1947.
1 Syrian Pound 1950.

The last collection was coined at the time of the United Arab Republic(Syria and Egypt) that lasted between 1958-1961.


  • Nice coins!

    By Blogger André Ferreira, at 4/3/05 7:14 PM  

  • Hey,
    I'm just surfing these blogs and leaving comments to different people in the hope that someone might actually read mine and leave some type of comment so I know that it is read once in awhile.

    Plus when I saw your blog I just wanted to leave a comment so I can talk to someone in another country.


    By Blogger JohnH985, at 4/3/05 11:46 PM  

  • Sorry for posting in arabic , but i cant say in english wnat i want to say :
    عن جد هدول العملات بيخلو الواحط يسلطن بس يشوفن , و بيرجعوكي لورااا بمجرد النظر الن , فيهن شي عريق , مابعرف كيف بدي قوله , بس كتير انبسطت انو شفت هالمجموعة خصوصا انو اغلبن مو شايفن بحياتي .

    Great blog dear Ghalia , keep it up .


    By Blogger EL GOLDEN®, at 19/3/06 2:54 PM  

  • Dear john985
    you may not read my comment cuz im just late for 1 year :D ..

    Anyway , i will be happy to have chat and conversation with you and any one who is out side the M.E .


    By Blogger EL GOLDEN®, at 19/3/06 2:56 PM  

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