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Sunday, July 24

In Remembrance

Every year on the 24th of July, al-azmeh family, some members from Friends of Damascus Association and some other people commemorate on the anniversary of Maysaloun Battle and its hero Yossef al-Azmeh who was martyred with his fellows defending the homeland.
Starting with a recitation of some extracts form the holy Qurran, then some speeches are delivered hailing the heroic deeds and sacrifices of al-Azmeh and his fellows in the battle, poetic anthologies, and finally laying some wreaths they all recite the Syrian anthem.


  • صراحة أنا ما بعرف حدا منون ، بس من الممكن ملاحظة شخصين :
    الأول : يتصف بـ حجم + عبوس + شوارب بيوقف عليهون النسر + نضارة سودا ، كل هل المركبات في التركيبة الكيماوية شو بيعطوا ؟
    و الثاني : متخبي ورا هو ياسر العظمة ..؟؟؟
    فتأمل يرعاك الله

    By Blogger Linux Juggler, at 24/7/05 5:30 PM  

  • I had no idea, this still do this kind of thing, Amnazing, it's ben quite a while now.

    By Anonymous Baher, at 24/7/05 7:50 PM  

  • The ppl who fought against the French in Maysaloun carried bravery and hope of having a free Syria... I hope we didn't disappoint them.

    By Blogger Sinan, at 25/7/05 1:15 AM  

  • Not too long ago, my dad got a book on Yossef Al-Azmeh. I took a look at the book and I find it very quite Uhmmm. I can't find the right word but I was touched by it.

    I hope that we as Syrians will always be to live up to the resposibilty of being faithful and carry on the mission all the martyrs who died defending our land.

    By Blogger Stellar, at 26/7/05 1:50 PM  

  • We did disappoint them Sinan. I always wonder how they would feel if they came back to life and saw what Syria is like today :(

    By Blogger Ayman, at 27/7/05 3:59 PM  

  • That's a nice tradition to have, did you go this year?

    By Blogger Dina, at 27/7/05 11:27 PM  

  • Wow ,What a nice pic .of course I don't know any one one of those people but I'm very proude of Yosof Al Azma,he's one of my fav heros,God bless him

    By Blogger Omar, at 25/8/05 1:51 AM  

  • walla shee 7lo kteer, 4 me the only person who I noticed else than Yasser Azmeh is Mr. Taiseer (first row, first one to the right with the tie) and his the one who made the family tree by the way
    thank u

    By Anonymous Ihssan Azmeh, at 4/10/07 5:04 PM  

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