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Tuesday, March 8

Tranquility, Calmness, Harmony

Tartus is Syria's second most important coast after Latakia. A small harbour city of 150,000 inhabitants. It was founded by the Phoenician colony on Arwad and remained an important settlement through the Hellenistic and Roman times. There, you can take a boat and go to the island of Arwad which is the only island in Syria, a small one, with a mass of houses, fortresses and narrow lanes. On its shore I built a little sand castle... the waves washed it out...…


  • My hometown! It' been ages since I took this 15-minute trip to Arwad.

    By Blogger Ayman, at 9/3/05 12:45 AM  

  • my hometown too... could u post more pictures please.

    By Anonymous Ahmad, at 9/3/05 3:33 AM  

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