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Friday, December 9


One of the important stations in Syria is Midan Ikbis; located up to the north west of Aleppo exactly on the Turkish-Syrian border, Midan Ikbis a calm and somehow neglected town was once a passage to a lot of famous persons, Agatha Christie, had once passed here and was inspired by the beauty of Aleppo and the Orient Express that made her write her famous novel 'Murder on the Orient Express'.
The station of Midan Ikbis is still active and there is a weekly rail service from Istanbul to Syria, it also goes to the following destination, Tehran (Irn), Aleppo (Syr), Turkey and Baghdad (Irq) which is temporarily closed due to political reasons! This train is part of the orient express and it is called taurus express, it was the creation of German engineers, a luxury train that connected what is present-day Istanbul with the Middle East.


  • To tell you the truth Ghalia, it is really pleasant visiting your blog every once in a while, and gripping a little peace of Syria. In fact Syria has and will always intrigue me. You know, I will not say Syria is the most attractive nation, neither I will say that Syria is the most exotic country, but I will say, Syria as a totality (le tout ethnologique) is the most human of them all. For its continuity in history, and its cultural richness…, Syria - in truth – deserves it, and even more, words are missing here. I send you many thanks, for your hard work, nice words, marvelous clichés (french), and but not least, your determination.

    I will most probably be in Syria next summer; I will be involved in an archaeological project that will contribute immensely to my academic process, but more essentially, will contribute enlightening our glorious past. If I may add, that it is absolutely fundamental that we all contribute (own way) to this sequence, that I will call edifying cycle.

    Elie Kaso

    By Blogger Sharrukin, at 9/12/05 4:06 AM  

  • hey Ghalia thanks for the nice pics
    what do you say we make the next meet up on that railyway ??

    By Blogger GraY FoX, at 11/12/05 1:21 AM  

  • Very beautiful photos. It really looks great.

    I want to visit more places in Syria, I feel like missing out.

    Thanks Ghallia ;)

    By Blogger Hasan Bazerbashi, at 11/12/05 4:50 PM  

  • Hello Ghalia,
    Really thanks to you for this job. I am so near to this, but so lazy to get there. You inspired me to do that (I must find time to go there, certainly).
    Really north Syria is beautiful, and the extension of this, is Iskandaroun district, which is occupied.
    Well done!

    By Blogger aleppian, at 12/12/05 11:59 AM  

  • Ghalia, your page is becoming heavier day by day (download), what is the cause?

    By Blogger aleppian, at 15/12/05 3:09 PM  

  • Thank u for ur comments.
    Dear Aleppian, I really don't know the reason, maybe cuz there r a lot of photoes this time, if u continued to have this problem plz tell me again, thanx.

    By Blogger Ghalia, at 15/12/05 5:20 PM  

  • Greats shots!!! Excuse , i thought could be your son. Welcome to my site!
    Do u live in Damascus?
    I really admire this city!
    Once i earned a dog of my dad, and i would like its name would be damascus, but it already had a name on fair, it is Chocolate now, no Damascus, its best friend is Mascavo of my best friend Luiz.

    By Blogger Milla, at 15/12/05 10:26 PM  

  • hey!in fact every time you impressed me in your posts!walla..
    any way,you remind me when I was with my family in place called "Armala" which is located in the Srian-Turkey border..it's a very quite and homey place.we found Fox and many other animals !it's a beautiful nature.

    By Blogger Zaid Faham, at 15/12/05 10:35 PM  

  • Milla, it's good u named him chocolate after all. Most Syrian as well as Arabs would misunderstand u if u called him Damascus, it would carry a negative meanings, u know traditional issues.

    By Blogger Ghalia, at 16/12/05 5:15 PM  

  • Nice place, and a great place to hike at summer!
    Bravo Ghalia, there is always a new place to spot in this samll neglected country!

    By Blogger Amr Faham, at 16/12/05 9:35 PM  

  • Ghalia, the page is still heavy. I noted that there is two ad windows is being opened during your page. Not the photos are the reason, I have more than yours, but my page is easy-downloading. Maybe the chat box is the cause?

    By Blogger aleppian, at 20/12/05 11:16 AM  

  • I live in Chicago, Illinois (the USA. I read an article about yur blog, and decided to look for myself. My opinion: This is a beautiful blog about a beautiful country I might like to visit one day. Althogh I am a good writer, and a few years ago had my own blog, I am not doing a blog at this moment. However, this encourages me to become active again. Keep up the good work.

    Lorenzo Komboa Ervin

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 31/1/06 10:24 AM  

  • ...Hi Gahlia..
    .............I am a Norwegian living in the US, and I loved your pictures.Very beautiful country. I have never been to Syria, but would love to visit some day.I have lived in Iran though.I have a good friend from Libanon. Keep up the good work, and write about your daily life, your family etc. Thanks. Bye for now.

    By Blogger Inger, at 31/1/06 12:04 PM  

  • I live in the USA and have enjoyed looking through your blog and learning about your country. Thanks to the internet the world is becoming a smaller place and we are finally able to learn more about other places and people than we could ever do by just watching the news. Keep up what you are doing it is a good thing for all the world. Lots of luck and love to you.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 31/1/06 7:28 PM  

  • Interesting blog - very nicely put together, very attractive layout and features. I'll visit again in the future. All the best to you from Boston, MA - USA!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 31/1/06 7:50 PM  

  • I really enjoy your Blog, I never wanted to travel outside of the USA until I saw your beautiful pictures. Please know that most of the people I know do not agree with violence or greed. Compassion and PEACE are becoming a priority and it is spreading like wildfire accross our country. We have the same poverty, and hungry children in our country and regardless of the nationality it is a shame. I pray that we will see that we are all one regardless of religion, or Geography.....
    TAHNK YOU for sharing

    By Anonymous Tina, at 31/1/06 8:34 PM  

  • Great blog. I love the pictures, and also love to read stories of another country that are not through the words and eyes of the news media or politics. It is all about people. I look forward to more.

    -Stephen Madden
    Arizona, USA

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1/2/06 3:35 AM  

  • I am glad you are writing this blog. Good for you. You know, of course, that the NSA is recording this and all other communications between Americans and Syrians, Iranians, Iraqis, and Palestinians. Take care. But keep on keeping on.

    Jon Buchholdt
    Anchorage, Alaska

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3/2/06 4:05 AM  

  • It is where my heart lies
    in the mountains of Midan Ekbes, among the eternal trees,
    among the ancient tombs,
    in the silence of the years to come.

    Only a handful of sand
    from the soil that covered
    your beloved body
    is there beside me always.

    My love, my soul, rest in peace.

    By Anonymous lonely, at 28/6/07 6:32 PM  

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