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Saturday, May 28

Want A Ride?

Definitely this horse was in Hawaii!!


  • No Ghalia, I think it is his/her wedding day :)

    By Blogger Rami, at 28/5/05 6:08 PM  

  • Are you sure it's a horse??

    By Blogger Sinan, at 29/5/05 12:55 AM  

  • hehe, this reminds me of the dressed up tertera's.. it seems not matter what the means of transportation is Syrians have to add "zeeneh" to it... It's great!

    By Blogger Omar, at 29/5/05 3:07 AM  

  • Oh wow it's a horse that belongs to gipsies... Way to go.. Hehehehe... Lovely colors don't you think??

    By Blogger Stellar, at 29/5/05 6:48 AM  

  • poor horse..They suffer too u know, the animals..Always dressed with such unnatural things and carrying heavy things and working with no rest and all...Just look at his beautiful eyes, hard to not feel sorry for him!

    By Blogger Catherine, at 29/5/05 11:37 PM  

  • That's a very good point Catherine.. we are cruel sometimes

    By Blogger Omar, at 30/5/05 3:44 AM  

  • All in all, I like your photos. The problem is that you do not capture any emotions! Try to take pictures of people in the street doing things or maybe doing nothing. Try to capture the faces under the sun, the wrinkles of the hans, or on the face, you will get better at it. You can see a human'shistory though skin..

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 31/5/05 5:30 AM  

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