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Saturday, October 29



Sunday, October 23


The last survived Fijeh. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . At museum

After the success of supplying Damascus with the fresh water of Ein Al-Fijeh at the Ottoman period in 1908, the coverner, Nazem Pasha, ordered to establish a watering-place in every market and quarter of Damascus to let people drink for free, it was called “Manhal” later on, the name changed to “Fijeh”. People used to send their children or their maids ,if they were rich, to bring them water using clay jars that was called “7ouqq”.These kinds of Fijeh don’t exist nowadays, and the word Fijeh got the meaning of drinkable clear water, so when someone asks “Is this water Fijeh?” he undoubtedly means is it drinkable!


Thursday, October 13

Fazoret Ramadan

Ghalia: Wow, what’s happening? Why people are crowded right there? What’s up? Is there anything?!!!

Then Ghalia took a step… "Mar7aba 3ammo/Hello/,what’s going on"??
The man:" ……………..:) .....:D"

What do you think was going on??
Hint: take into consideration that people here are nosey and more than curious!!


Saturday, October 8

Waiting For Godot

A long journey of everyday waiting characterized by economic difficulties, rising prices of food and other basic commodities and inflation.


Tuesday, October 4

Ramadan Kareem

Ramadan is the holy month of fasting and worshiping for Muslims, but also a social phenomenon which effects the whole set of customs and habits of the Syrian society. Special ambience marks streets and homes the minute the crescent is sighted and the beginning of Ramadan is announced, people start calling their relatives and friends, congratulating them at the beginning of this blessed month. As Ramadan starts, everyone tries his best to control his bad habits, anger and become a better person.

Happy Ramadan for you all, my family, friends, and the Syrian Bloggers.