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Thursday, April 14

Al- Nouri Bemaristan

Is located to the west of the Umayyad Mosque.It was build by Nour Eddin Al-Zenki in 549. The hospital consisted of many halls, some were for men, some for women, others were for surgery, emergency and a there was a library that contained many medical useful books for the doctors. It has been said that doctors used various ways for treatment in addition to medicines and drugs, like narraters and singers for entertaining, and expert cooks who supplied each patient with suitable food. The hospital was turned into a school for females in 1317 after moving to a new place near Al-Tekkeyah Soulaimaneh (Al-Hamidi Hospital). Now, it is used as a museum for Arab medicine and science. It is characterized by the beauty of its architecture, the wide courtyard and unique engravings on its door.


  • I never knew of this place's existence.. beautiful

    By Blogger Omar, at 14/4/05 1:06 AM  

  • I heard of it, though never visited it.
    I need to get out more...

    By Blogger Baher, at 14/4/05 9:57 AM  

  • Bimaristan, dya know what it mean?
    Bimar, if my remembrancies are good mean, sick persons or just sick. And the Suffix Stan means Place, in fact the meaning of this whole word is Hospital, from persian times, but if u wanna know more, read al qanun fy a'tab from ali ibn Sina (Avicene, a famous medic, well know still 1000 years after his death, know as the best doctor, from his 18nth)
    nice pic

    By Blogger Oz, at 25/4/05 7:33 PM  

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